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A lawn mower can be an expensive purchase to afford out of pocket. Depending on the size of your property or the property that needs to be mowed, a normal lawn mower may not get the job done. However, a few companies offer lawn mower financing options for this very reason.

Whether you are seeking financing for a standard lawn mower or a more advanced model for bigger jobs, financing the purchase with a lawn mower loan can be a strategic idea. There are different types of financing available to you and learning about each type can assist you in determining the best option for you and your finances.

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Depending on the size of your property or the property that needs to be mowed, a normal lawn mower may not get the job done. Whether you are seeking financing for a standard lawn mower or a more advanced model for bigger jobs, financing the purchase with a lawn mower loan can be a strategic idea.

When you take on this form of financing, it’s important to remember that you will be responsible for monthly payments on that loan which include any interest that has accrued. This means that the total cost of the loan you pay back will be more than what you were lent in the first place.

There are several lawn mower financing options available, but personal loans can be an effective financing option at low cost.

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What credit score is required to finance a lawn mower loan?

As with other types of financing, to finance a lawn mower you will have your credit score looked at. Having a higher credit score, such as one above 650 at least, will likely result in a better interest rate on the loan. Having a lower credit score doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be approved for the loan but be aware that the interest rate you are offered may not be worth it.

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Some lenders specialize in bad credit loans that you might qualify for, but the overall terms of the loan may not be favorable. In the event you are offered lawn mower loans with an abnormally high interest rate, it may be worth considering raising your credit score before applying.

Lawn mower financing options

Assuming you have determined lawn mower options are right for you, there is only one step left: deciding which type of financing you desire:

1. Personal loans

Personal loans are one of the most common types of loans, with loan amounts typically going up to $100,000. A small personal loan can be an excellent choice for lawn mower financing, especially because most personal loans are unsecured. APRs for personal loans can range from 6 – 36% on average with total term lengths of around five years on the high end. They will require a credit check in most cases, though, so be aware of your credit history.

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2. In-store special financing

Many stores that sell lawn mowers will offer their own forms of financing to help you fund your purchase. What is unique about this type of financing is that interest is typically not charged, so long as you complete all repayments within the borrowing period. If you don’t manage to do this, however, the APR offered will usually be higher than that offered on other financing types.

3. Point-of-sale tractor loans

Some third-party companies will offer financing using buy now, pay later strategies so that you can get your equipment right away. As with personal loans, however, they charge interest and typically at a higher rate. Some lenders may offer 0% interest rate specials, though, which can make them an excellent choice if you can get the deal.

4. Lawn mower leasing

In some cases, the answer to how to finance a lawn mower is leasing. As opposed to owning the lawn mower, leasing means you make all monthly payments, as you would with a normal loan, but at the end of the payments, you return the equipment. The upside to this strategy is that it is typically cheaper than taking out a loan.

5. Zero (0%) introductory APR credit cards

In some cases, using a certain credit card can be the best financing strategy. If lawn mower loans bad credit opportunities aren’t available to you, but you happen to have a 0% introductory APR credit card, putting the payment on that card can be an excellent choice. So long as you complete all payments before the 0% introductory period ends, you won’t be charged any interest.

Credit cards are another extremely popular type of financing that deserve their own pros and cons as compared to taking out a loan.


  • Interest will not be charged on balances carried for the specified period.
  • Credit cards can later be used for more purchases beyond garden tractor financing.
  • Some credit cards offer rewards, such as cash-back.


  • Balances not paid will start incurring interest after the introductory period.
  • Some introductory cards may come with an annual fee.
  • Strong credit is typically required to qualify, meaning if your credit score has gone downhill, you may not get the card.

Pros and cons of lawn mower financing


There are several advantages to a lawn mower loan that make it an enticing offer:

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  • Flexible payment terms: Most personal loans come with flexible repayment terms to make the loan repayment process go smoother. Some may even provide you with options or temporary deferments in the event you lose your job or other source of income for repayment.
  • Affordable interest rate: Assuming you have good credit, the interest rate on a loan mower loan may be more than affordable.
  • No collateral should be needed: When financing a lawn mower, in most cases, no collateral will be required on your behalf.


As with all types of loans, however, there are cons of lawn mower financing to be aware of as well:

  • Extra fees: Some lenders may try to throw large fees, such as origination fees or prepayment penalty fees, onto the loan, which will raise the total cost of that loan. Always read your contract and ask the lender to ensure there are no hidden fees.
  • Potential damage to credit score: In the event you can’t repay your loan, your credit score will be damaged quickly.

Is lawn mower financing right for you?

With the pros and cons of lawn mower financing with bad credit and good credit covered, you’re likely only left with the decision of whether lawn mower financing is right for you. Try to determine this answer by looking at factors such as your current income, credit score, history with credit, and more.

Determine whether you could afford the loan comfortably in the first place. On top of this, be sure to search around with different lenders to see if you can find more favorable terms elsewhere. Above all, however, ask yourself whether you really need that lawn mower right now, or if it can wait until a better time.


Can you get a loan for a lawn mower?

Lawn mower finance options are available to both those with good and bad credit. Options such as personal loans, 0% introductory credit cards, point-of-sale loans, and more are common examples. Lawn equipment loans can often come with high interest rates for those with bad credit or with certain financing strategies, so always be sure you are receiving the best offer.

Can I get lawn mower financing with bad credit?

For those with bad credit, you may be wondering if no credit check lawn mower financing or bad credit lawn mower financing loans are available. While a credit check will almost always be required for lawn mower financing, bad credit loans do exist. However, lawn mower loans bad credit opportunities will typically come with a far higher interest rate than you should be willing to pay.

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Are dealership loans a good idea?

Dealership loans can be a good idea for some, but they are not always the best rate a person may receive depending on their financial history, credit background, and other factors. Consider all loan options available to you before making a purchase decision.

What are the normal loan terms for a lawn mower?

When you find the best place to finance a lawn mower, you’re surely wondering if the loan terms you are presented with are fair. The answer depends entirely on what financing method you use. However, assuming you are using a personal loan, APRs can range from 6-36% and typically have a term length of 2-5 years on average.

Can I use a home improvement loan to finance a lawn mower?

A home improvement loan is essentially a loan used for home improvements. Typically an unsecured personal loan, this type of financing can be used to finance a lawn mower if you don’t have enough funds to purchase one outright. These loan amounts can vary depending on the type of mower you need, and you can use the loan for just about anything related to a home improvement project.

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What credit score is needed to finance a lawn mower? ›

What credit score is needed to buy a lawn mower? To qualify for lawn mower financing you will most likely need to have a FICO 600 or above. In addition, you should be employed or have proof of income. While credit score is an important part of qualification requirements, most lenders consider a variety of requirements.

How hard is it to get a $20,000 personal loan? ›

You'll likely need a credit score in the Good range (670 to 739) or higher to qualify for a $20,000 personal loan with a competitive interest rate. If your credit rating is Poor or even on the lower end of Fair, you may have difficulty getting approved for a personal loan.

Are personal loans easy to get? ›

Getting a personal loan can be a relatively simple process, but to qualify, lenders usually require information about your credit history, income, employment status and current debt obligations. Your income needs to be high enough to cover the loan repayment amount and your other monthly expenses.

What score do I need to get a personal loan? ›

To qualify for a personal loan, borrowers generally need a minimum credit score of 610 to 640. However, your chances of getting a loan with a low interest rate are much higher if you have a “good” or “excellent” credit score of 690 and above.


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