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by Marry Soni

Lowe’s Credit Card Activation at – Have you applied for a Lowes Credit Card? Did you receive the Lowe’s Credit Card? Do you know how to activate it? The Lowes Credit Card will not work without activation. The Activation process for Lowes Card Activation is very easy; you just need to follow some steps on link.

With your new card, you can easily make payments for the goods and the services that you buy for sure.

But you can do the payment after you have successfully gone through the process of Lowe’s Credit Card Activation.

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Read the information of the article and understand the steps on how to activate your Lowe’s Credit Card as quickly as possible.

Requirement to Activate Lowe’s Card

Please be sure to keep the below mentioned things on hand before visiting its official website.

Make sure you have an uninterrupted internet connection and the card details.

  • Account number on which you got the Lowes credit card.
  • The social security Number SSN
  • Your TIN – Tax-payer Identification Number
  • 3 digit CVV or a security code (available on the backside of your credit card)
  • An active email Id.

How to Activate Lowe’s Card Online at Site

When you get the card from Lowe’s, before using it you must go through the verification step. In this step, you need to provide the information of the account holder so that you can begin the Lowes Credit Card Activation.

Please activate and verify your Lowe’s Credit Card as below,

  • Open the official Lowes Credit Card Activation at

Activate Lowe's Credit Card Online at [2023] (2)

  • Please provide your User ID (Case-Sensitive) and your password.

Activate Lowe's Credit Card Online at [2023] (3)

  • Click on “Register” from the bottom if you do not have an account already to activate your credit card.

Activate Lowe's Credit Card Online at [2023] (4)

  • Now please check the number of your Lowe’s card then proceed to the “Next”.
  • Please type the birth date, then the final four-digits of your SSN. And then please type the maiden name of your mother.
  • Please now log into your online account.
  • Then please tap on the button – Activate.
  • After this process, you will find your credit card activated.
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How to Activate Lowe’s Card on the Phone

If you are facing any challenges in Lowes Com Activate online on its website, you may do Lowes Com activate via the mobile phone too.

Make a call on Toll free number for Lowes Com Activate Card. You can get the toll free number from the backside of your card.

Please follow the below procedure to activate your Lowe’s credit card via Phone:

  • Dial Lowe’s toll free number: 1.800.444.1408
  • As your call gets connected, raise the query of card activation.
  • You will now be required to to type in your details such as your card number, birth date for verification, your SSN and TIN.
  • Dial all the numbers from the dial pad of your phone.
  • The process of Lowes Activate Card via calling is simple and easy, and it will be completed in a short time and you will get your lowe’s card activated.

Important Link

  • Activation Link:
  • Lowes Credit Link:
  • Official Login Page of Lowes Syf Use Link:

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I am sure that the information I provided on How To Activate Lowes Credit Card is complete and useful for you to activate your Lowe’s Credit Card using your phone or online.

For more interesting information, keep visiting this website.


How do I know if my Lowe’s Credit Card Activation is done or not?

You can check the status of your Lowes Com Activate Card by calling customer service at 1.800.444.1408 or synchrony Bank by dialing 1.866.226.5638.15

Do I get any discounts on Lowes Com Activate Credit Cards?

If you got the new Lowes.Com Credit Card, you can get 20% off on your first purchase. And the amount is limited upto $100. Please check once before making any purchase because the Credit Lowes Com terms can be changed anytime.

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How can I Activate My Lowes Card via mobile?

Check the above steps of activating Lowes.Com/Activate via mobile instead of online method on

What is the Lowes.Com Credit Payment? How can I determine the payment amount?

The Lowes.Com Credit Payment is your overdue payment for buying products or services using the card. First you must Activate Lowes Credit Card. If it is already activated please open the credit card website.

On the www lowes credit website, you have the option – “Lease to Own Calculator”. You may use the calculator to know the total amount. Please open this link and then use the calculator.

I am not able to do Lowes.Com/Activation.

The Lowes Credit Card Activation requires you to open the official activation Lowes/Activate website link – Now on this www lowes com activate card, you will need to follow the steps in the right order and provide details like Social Security Number and other birth date information and once you get your card activated, you can use it.

I don’t know how to access my account

Open the Credit.Lowes Com website. On this Lowescredit Com, tap on the “SIGN-IN” button. Or click this LINK. Enter the details in the blanks and proceed ahead. If you are still not able to www lowes com Credit Login, then you must immediately take the help of the contact details from this article. Then try to open the https www lowes com credit website one more time. You will get logged in.

How to enable the Auto Lowes Com Credit Payment?

If you do not want to miss your Lowe’s Com Credit Card payment, you can easily set up and AutoPay your payment. It will automatically pay your Lowes Com Credit Payment using this option. Use the Lowes credit card login portal and access your account to view your bill safely and securely.

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How Do I Activate MyLowes-Card online through my mobile?

To begin the activation first you must open the website If you already have an account then only provide the details like Social Security last 4 digits number and your birth date along with other details. Once you enter, follow the steps. If you don’t have your account, first register it on this website –

What is the lowes syf com website?

When you open the activate website, you will be redirected to this website. Here you can activate your card.

Can I use My Lowes Card – Anywhere across the world?

Now all the cards provide you eligibility to use them anywhere in the world. The Lowe’s – Advantagecard is one such example. This card is limited to only stores. This card cannot be used with other retailers.

What is the Lowes Com Activate Number, where can I get that?

The Lowe’s Credit Card Activation number is 1.800.444.1408, you may get this number either on the backside of your card or at

How to do www lowes com activate via message?

There is no such provision for My Lowes Com Activate via message.

Can I get Lowe’s Com Credit Card for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can get Lowe’s Commercial account and can get My Lowe’s Credit Card for commercial purposes.

Is MFA available on www lowes com credit card?

Yes, you can do MFA on

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